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Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha Kite is the only platform of Zerodha used for trading, Zerodha had bootstrapped kite before 10years and now it is pioneered the industry with more than 3million users. This is the simplest app available in India for investments and Trading.

Kite Availability

Zerodha Kite is available in all major platforms. kite is an example of for the simple wire frame and data flawless data streaming. You can download the app and access platform from the below links.
Platform TypeApplication Link
Desktop or Laptop or Browserhttps://kite.zerodha.com/

Version and Technology

Zerodha Kite Version: 3.0 and Built with simplest and clean, light featured, and fastest streaming application with an intuitive user interface and user experience design for trading 90,000+ stocks of Indian stock market.

Kite Interface

Zerodha Kite is built with a very beautiful yet lighter interface, the entire application is available in 2 color modes, light and dark mode respectively. Text Clarity, Visibility, options placements, Hyperlinks, Data Streaming, Data flow module, Data choices, and angular data, and also the color combination in the entire app is very beautifully managed.


in Zerodha Kite you can access darker and lighter theme and the clarity of text with streaming data is excellent

Data Availability

Zerodha Kite has Incorporated with 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts of equity, nifty and derivatives across multiple exchanges of india

kite User Interface

Zerodha Kite has smartly designed UI, buy, sell, analysis, & manage portfolio with top notch tech coded Interface in just a click away

Techinical Analysis

Zerodha Kite has all industry standard indicators, studies, and tools are included in Charts, data flow over charts is Industries best and fundamental analysis is easy

Kite Watch-list Details

In Zerodha Kite there is a total of 5 default watch-lists are available, each watchlist can be renamed with the preferred text by the user. Every watchlist can be loaded with 20 company's data ticker, which means 20 companies' real-time LTP data streaming can be seen, and a total of 100 Companies can be added all together in 5 watch-list.

Order Screen Details

Zerodha Kite Order Screen is made up of two sections, one is the Order Placing screen and the other one is the Order status screen. Order Placing screen will provide you all the basic options like CNC, MIS, BO, MARKET, AMO etc options, once you place the order then the executed orders status will e available on the other screen.

Zero Brokerage Charges

Yes, it is True, Zerodha Kite is now completely brokerage free for delivery holdings. People take an advantage of Zero Brokerage for delivery trades in Equity and make money. So, you also must be one among those earning Indian's and open demat account now.

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